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Overwhelming realism. It expresses the cruelty and beauty of a sword.

Price: \ 16,478 (tax included)


KATANA Sound List

All 230 files

■ Features


  • A collection of sword sound effect assembly materials specializing only in sword sound effects

  • Adjustments such as "strengthen the slashing finish" and "leave the sound of the sword" are possible

  • Includes all sword sound materials such as slashing, sword pulling, sword delivery, and brim

  • Ideal for video works that express realistic "pain" and swashbuckler stages

  • Also includes "decorative sounds" such as "empty swing sound" and "blood flies"

  • Number of files: 230 files in total

  • Slashing / piercing / playing / sword / drawing sword Sound recipes for each method are recorded in PDF format.(It is written in Japanese.)

▼ Add the image of a samurai, samurai, or ninja to your work with sound effects that are conscious of the sounds peculiar to swords.

Sword sound effect material collection image 01

The sound effects of swords have various sound expressions, but they have distinctly different characteristics from "swords". Since it has a "side as a work of art", it is very effective to "image beauty" in sound as well to express individuality.

For example, "tsuba ringing" is an element that strengthens the individuality of a sword, and by making it sound beautiful, it has the effect of strengthening the image of a Japanese sword. Actually, it seems that the method is to "do not ring the brim", but

  • I want to convey the expression of the sword firmly

  • I want to convey the intention of "destroying the enemy"

If you have an intention, it is more effective to make a sound from the "sound effect perspective". Also, the "sound of sword playing" is Gakin! "The line is thin and the image is flowing" is more suitable than the expression of hardness, and the sword-drawing sound is more suitable for a smooth image without turbidity. KATANA is a collection of prefabricated sound effect materials that firmly expresses the "individuality and characteristics of swords" that are different from these swords. The sound effects that are firmly conscious of the sword will help you to produce the sword you imagine.

▼ Customize the sword sound effect.

Customize your sword sound effects with 133 files of main parts material and 19 files of optional parts. For the customization method, refer to the sound recipe (assembly manual) recorded in PDF format.

The sound recipe is

  • How to assemble a slashing sound

  • How to assemble the piercing sound

  • How to assemble the playing sound

  • How to assemble the sword sound

  • How to assemble the sword sound

As mentioned above, 5 files are recorded.

In addition, the finished product pre-assembled based on the sound recipe is also recorded as a sound model file. Use this if you don't need to customize and want to use the sword sound effect immediately.

Sword sound effect material collection image 02

▼ The creator himself "assembles sound effects"

SOUND MODEL KIT SERIES is an assembly-type sound effect material collection with features that are different from other sound effect material collections, created for the purpose of "creating sound effects by the creators themselves".

Creators are needed by recording the "parts materials" and "assembly instructions" necessary to create one sound effect, instead of the conventional sound effect material collection that only records the completed sound effects. It is possible to make "adjustments" such as extracting or adding only the basic elements.

KATANA is a collection of sound effect materials for assembling action sound effects for swords.


▼ Recommended for creators who have such troubles!

  • I want to express the sounds that are peculiar to swords, such as "tsuba ringing", "sword pulling", and "blade shining"!

  • I'm in trouble because I need a realistic sword sound effect for the stage sound of a historical drama!

  • I want to express the cruelty of using a sword to bleed and fly blood!

  • I want variations in the reverberation of swords and the collision sound of swords!

  • I want to adjust the sword delivery speed, such as delivering the sword quickly or slowly!

  • I want to adjust the sword pulling speed, such as pulling out quickly or slowly!

It is ideal for 3D games, historical movies, theatrical performances, school festival events, and any other scene that requires a sword.

▼ Impressions of creators

* Reprinted from the impressions received on the purchase page and questionnaire.

Very satisfied Posted by: Anonymous

I used a lot of the purchased "KATANA" on the stage. The sword fight was quite powerful, and it became a very cool scene. Thank you very much. The sound of "KATANA" was very well received by the people involved (the slashed character often said, "The sound is powerful and hurts!"). I will continue to use the sound of the play when requested.

Great contributor: HUNK

I bought a fighting sound effect before, and it was so good to hear it, so I bought a sword as well.
I will use it in the future ♪

It's just a wonderful word Posted by: Kuroro-san

It's been a long time since I bought it, but I didn't feel like it was a free material on the internet, but after watching this demo, I decided to buy it.

Not only the quality of the material itself, but also how to assemble the material (slashing sound, sword sound, etc.) is described, and it was good that even a beginner like myself could easily understand.

We look forward to the release of various series in the future!

Very satisfied Posted by: Hideaki Tsumura

I am very satisfied.
However, I felt unsatisfactory in quality and quantity other than slashing and playing.
As a personal taste, I think it would be nice if there was a sound that matched the technical movements such as slashing and breaking, in addition to the basic slashing and receiving. This time, when the direction of the force is changed from the place where the sword is put together (Inasu), or when the direction of the opponent's slashing force is changed at once (Yanagu), the impact sound that matches the weight is added The sound of iron rubbing like when the sword is pulled out is applied by pressing the sampler pattern at the same time or by pressing the time difference according to the movement of the performer.
And this is especially true, but I wanted a little more stance. Unfortunately, there is no stance sound that suits the situation this time, and multiple stance sounds are combined by pressing them at the same time.

Overall I am very happy. I would like to take care of you again if there is a next work. In that case, I would be very happy if there were many desired sounds ♪ Thank you very much for the very high quality sound source.

The quality of the slashing sound and playing was very high, and the persuasive power of the story rose at once.

▼ Introducing how to use KATANA with a video

■ How to make a slashing sound using KATANA

Use KATANA to assemble the scene of "playing twice and then piercing with a sword". You can assemble a realistic and cruel slashing sound like a movie just by arranging the materials.

▼ Adopted works

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    PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows

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    Friday, March 22, 2019

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    Action adventure


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Amaho's Sakunahime

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    Thursday, November 12, 2020

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    Japanese style action RPG

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Contents recorded

Product name


48kHz16bit & 96kHz32bit wav / mp3 / ogg & PDF

file format

Number of recorded files

96 kHz wav format / 230 files

48kHz wav format / 230 files

mp3 format / 230 files

ogg format / 230 files


Click here for a complete list of the above sounds


"How to assemble a slashing sound.pdf"

"How to assemble a piercing sound.pdf"

"How to assemble the playing sound.pdf"

"How to assemble a sword sound.pdf"

"How to assemble the sword sound.pdf"


The above sound recipe PDF format / 5 files(It is written in Japanese.)


* Total capacity approx. 534MB

Download sale

Sales format

\ 16,478 (tax included)


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