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FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sell packaged sound effect material collections?

All sound effect materials sold are digital contents in download format. There are currently no plans to sell packages, but we will notify you on this site and each SNS when package sales are made in the future.

How can I buy sound effects?

Click the "Add to Cart" button on each product page to proceed to payment, and you can pay by credit card, PayPal, or bank transfer. PayPal requires you to create an account. For more information about PayPal, please see below.

What is PayPal?

In addition, you can use the following convenient functions by registering as a member on this site.

  • You can view the purchase history only for items purchased after registration from the My Account page. (Purchase history before registration is not displayed)

  • You can check the re-download link. However, re-downloading is limited to 30 days after purchase.

  • You can skip entering the required information by logging in and then proceeding to the cart.

We recommend that you register as a new member by clicking the "Login button" at the top of this site.

For more details, here we introduce you any time.

Can I use the purchased sound effects freely?

You are free to use it in the sense that you can use it in the work of the creator you purchased. Annoying acts such as selling, distributing, copying, uploading to video sites, etc. of sound effect files as they are or after processing them can cause copyright infringement and cause great damage to sound effect creators. Thanks to our understanding buyers, we do not currently have these issues. I am always grateful.

If I use it in my work, do I need to write it in the credit or report it?

A: It's not compulsory, but we ask if you don't bother.

There is no particular obligation to describe or report to use. However, the sound effect creator will be very pleased if you can describe and report the credit, so if there is no problem, I would appreciate it if you could describe it as follows. There is no font or logo specified.

  • "Sound effect cooperation OGAWA SOUND"

* You are also welcome to send us your impressions directly by email! The email from the purchaser is very encouraging and I am always grateful.

The downloaded sound effect cannot be recognized by the software used. How do I recognize the file?

The sound effect material collection for sale contains multiple sound files, so it is compressed as a zip file. The zip file cannot be recognized by the computer as a sound file as it is, so please unzip the zip file before using it.

If the sound file itself cannot be read, check the sampling frequency settings of your DAW and editing software. If you try to open a sound file with a sampling frequency higher than the set value, an error may be displayed. For the sampling frequency setting, refer to the help of the software you are using.

Example: If the DAW side is set to 44.1kHz 16bit, sound files of 48kHz or higher or 24bit or higher cannot be read.

Is the copyright of the sound effects sold clear? Are you mixing sound effect materials sold elsewhere, free sound effect materials, public domain sound effect materials, etc.?

A: This is an original sound source whose copyright is wholly owned by OGAWA SOUND.

Please be assured. All the sound effects on sale are the original sound effects of OGAWA SOUND on the production side. We mainly record raw sound materials using a microphone, and create everything from scratch. We do not use the sound effects of other companies or mix the sound effects of the public domain. Specifically, the following site introduces how to make sound effects, so please refer to it.

Can you issue a receipt?

A: When paying by credit card, we will issue it by e-mail. When paying with PayPal, please use the credit card usage statement that can be confirmed with your PayPal account after purchase.

If you pay by credit card, we will send you a receipt email at the same time as the download link email. Receipts cannot be issued from OGAWA SOUND for PayPal payments. (Double receipt)

If you think of it as an expense, please use the usage statement as it is accepted instead of the receipt.

Who makes the sound effects?

A: All sound effects are produced by OGAWA SOUND's "Tetsuhiro Ogawa".

He has been a sound designer at a game company for about five and a half years, and has a track record of producing game sounds for PS3, Xbox 360, and arcade games. In addition, even after becoming independent as OGAWA SOUND, which specializes in sound effects, we have a track record of producing a wide range of sound effects, from high-end home video games such as PS4 to smartphone apps, video MA, and theater. In addition, he has published a book "How to make sound effects".

Can I sell the work by incorporating the trial version and the sound effects that I sell into my own game?

A: Yes, no problem. However, there are conditions.

Although it is prohibited to sell the sound effect material alone, there is no problem in selling the built-in game. However, it is a prerequisite that you do file packaging. File packaging is a format for storing game material files.

When you download free games or online games distributed on the net, there are rare games that are not file-packaged. If you look inside the downloaded game folder, you can see the folders that make up the game as they are, and you can easily find image files and sound files (wav, mp3, ogg, etc.) as they are.

In this state, a third party can easily copy the material with just a mouse click, and there is a concern that the material may be misused for copying, selling, distributing, or diverting it.

On the other hand, in the case of the file packaged game file structure, only the exe file, some text files, and the stored game files are visible, and the image files and sound files used for the game are stored. It is in the state of being.

When incorporating the sound effect material of OGAWA SOUND, please distribute and sell the game in this format.

Do I get royalties when I sell a game that incorporates sound effects?

A: No, it doesn't happen.

You will only be charged for using the OGAWA SOUND sound effect material at the time of purchase. You will not receive royalties for the sale of the game. Of course, there is no problem if you use the sound effects you purchased once for another game work. (There are no restrictions on secondary use)
Please use with confidence.

What is the sound effect license if purchased from a company?

A: Regarding the license of sound effect material for corporations, we provide it with one purchase if it is "in the same department / in the same building".

If the employee used is "in the same department / in the same building", you can download as much as you need from the re-download page. On the other hand, if there are people other than "in the same department / in the same building", we ask that you purchase the required amount separately. You can specify the quantity on the purchase page, so please specify the required amount.


: I want to use sound effect materials in the sound section and pachislot section in the same building
>> Must be purchased separately. (You will need as many departments as you need)

: I want to use sound effect materials for employees in the same sound department or building
>> There is no problem with one purchase. (Please use re-download)

: Same sound department, but want to use sound effect material at head office and branch office
>> Must be purchased separately. (You will need as many as the number of head offices and branch offices)

For remote work, what is the sound effect license?

A: Originally, if the user is "in the same department / in the same building", we offer it with one purchase.

If the employee who is used is originally "in the same department / in the same building", even if you move to remote work after that, you can download as much as you need from the re-download page. If you are not originally working in the same department / in the same building and remote work is being done (such as outsourcing), please purchase the number of people who are remotely remote. Doing. You can specify the quantity on the purchase page, so please specify the required amount.


: I will be doing remote work at home in departments A and B in the same building, and I want to use sound effect materials
>> Must be purchased separately. (You will need as many departments as you need)

: Employees in the same sound department or building want to move to home remote work and use sound effect materials
>> There is no problem with one purchase. (Please use re-download)

: I want to share the sound effect material with the newly outsourced party
>> Must be purchased separately. (You will need as many people as you have been entrusted with)

I haven't received a download link after making a purchase. What should i do?

A: Please check if there is an email in the junk email folder. If not, please contact OGAWA SOUND.

If you don't see any email in your junk email folder, please contact us at We will check your purchase history and respond accordingly.

Your credit card will refuse your purchase. What should i do?

A: It may not be compatible with your card brand.

Currently, the brands that accept credit cards are Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Diners Club, and Discover. If you are using a card that is not a compatible brand, you can purchase it by PayPal or bank transfer.

Also, if the card has expired, the purchase will be refused, so please check it just in case.

I can't log in to my account. How do I re-download it?

A: Please contact us at this email address ( We will send you a re-download link.

If you purchased the sound effect material collection before November 2018, your account will be the account of the external sales consignment site (former DLmarket). Since the former DLmarket was closed in November 2018, we are now in the process of completing the purchase with just OGAWA SOUND ONLINE without outsourcing the sales.

Therefore, DLmarket cannot re-download.

OGAWA SOUND also stores the data of past purchasers, so

・ Customer's name

・ Name of the purchased sound effect material collection

・ Re-download

Please contact us at (

We will send you a re-download link as soon as we can confirm your purchase information.

What if the problem persists?

If the above solutions do not resolve your issue, please contact:
Click here for product questions (OGAWA SOUND)

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