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I want to adjust the sound effects I get to the image I want!
For such creators.

"I want to make this sound effect and bass more effective ..."

"It's a good sound effect, but it can't be used because it contains extra sounds at the same time! "

"I want this sound to have more attack! "

Have you ever had such a problem with your sound effects? It's very annoying that you can't use the sound effects for the above reasons even though you bought them. One of the reasons for this is that many of the commercially available sound effect material collections contain "already completed sound effects".

Sound effects combine several elements into a single sound.

For example, the sound of a sword being pulled out. The sword-drawing sound "Shakin!" Sounds like it is completed with one sound, but it is not actually made with one sound. It can be made by "combining" the sound of gripping the handle and the sound of sliding the blade. Therefore, if the creator can handle these decomposed elements, it will be possible to "adjust the speed of the sword and the attack sound that grips the handle according to the desired image of the sword ."

The creator himself "assembles sound effects"

SOUND MODEL KIT SERIES focuses on this point and aims to be a "sound effect material collection in which creators themselves assemble sound effects." It is a collection of prefabricated sound effect materials like a plastic model kit, consisting of "finished product model", "parts", and "assembly instructions".

The finished product model that OGAWA SOUND combined using the parts material is also recorded in advance, but the creator himself assembles the finished product according to the image using abundant parts while looking at the instruction manual. That is the real thrill of SOUND MODEL KIT SERIES.

Includes "materials and instructions" to create a single sound effect


  • Finished product model ⇒ SOUND MODEL

  • Assembly material ⇒ SOUND PARTS (sound parts)

  • Assembly instructions ⇒ SOUND RECIPE

Called this way, each series contains files. Each series contains these three folders, and the SOUND MODEL and SOUND PARTS folders contain a wide variety of sound files.

folder image

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use it without any experience editing sounds?

You can use it. For those who have never edited the sound, OGAWA SOUND has recorded a large number of SOUND MODEL files pre-assembled using parts materials. Please use this in the same way as the conventional sound effect material collection. In addition, some parts materials are single and highly expressive, so please use them according to the scene.

How do you specifically assemble it?

While reading the recorded sound recipe (assembly manual), you will be asked to assemble the sound using your DAW. Basically, adjustments are made by adding parts, so any editing software will do as long as you can add sound materials to the timeline.

How is it different from other sound effect material collections?

The biggest difference is that "the parts materials for making one sound effect are disassembled and recorded on the premise of assembling". The feature is that it can be adjusted according to the creator's image by assembling from the parts. In addition, we offer a wide variety of sounds by minimizing the sound effect categories to be recorded. (* SMASH SFX contains more than 100 files with just the hitting sound)

Is there a demo sound to see what kind of sound you can make?

Audition sound sources are available on each product page. Please listen to it and consider it.

Can I use the assembled sound effects in my work?

Of course it doesn't matter! Please use it according to your work such as games, plays, and video works. There is no obligation to report when using the product, but we would be very grateful if you could specify "SOUND MODEL KIT SERIES" on your credit card.

Can I distribute and sell the assembled sound effects as materials?

SOUND MODEL KIT SERIES is created for the purpose of "creating sound effects as the creator imagines", so please refrain from acts (copying, distribution, sales) that do not meet this intention.

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