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Environmental sound / insect / natural sound material

It is an environmental sound material that plays an active role as the background sound of images. You can express the atmosphere of the place, the feeling of the season, the time of day, etc. by using environmental sounds. Use environmental sounds to create effective productions in a wide range of fields such as games, video works, and plays.

Product list

TITLE IMPACT FX movie preview sound effect material collection image

CICADA SFX -Cicada- Semi-squeal material collection

Includes typical cicada calls reminiscent of summer in Japan. For creators who want to emphasize the sense of the season.

CICADA SFX -Cicada- contains typical summer cicada calls such as bear cicada, hyalessa maculaticus, and tanna japonensis. Let's emphasize "seasonal feeling" in the work.

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CICADA SFX サウンドデモ - BGM以外の音はすべて収録ファイルを使ったものです
CRICKET SFX -Suzumushi- Suzumushi cry material collection

CRICKET SFX -Suzumushi- Suzumushi bark material collection

Includes the sounds of bell worms and autumn worms reminiscent of autumn in Japan. For creators who want to emphasize the sense of the season.

CRICKET SFX -Suzumushi- contains the sounds of autumn insects such as Suzumushi, crickets, and Aomatsumushi. Let's emphasize the "autumn season" in the work.

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CRICKET SFX サウンドデモ - BGM以外の音はすべて収録ファイルを使ったものです

WAVE SFX Wave sound effect material collection

Includes waves with various expressions such as quiet waves, gentle waves, and raging rough waves.

WAVE SFX contains a large number of expressive wave sounds targeting the seas and lakes of Japan. Let's create the image of "coolness", "summer" and "healing" in the work.

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WAVE SFX サウンドデモ - BGM以外の音はすべて収録ファイルを使ったものです
FIREWORKS SFX samnail.jpg

FIREWORKS SFX -Japanese Hanabi-

Fireworks sound effect material collection

Create your own fireworks ambience by combining fireworks materials such as single sounds, continuous sounds, explosive sounds, and whistle sounds.

This is a sound effect material collection that contains material recorded by microphones at Japanese fireworks festivals and material that simulates the sound of fireworks. The material recorded with the microphone is focused on the sound of the fireworks, eliminating as much human voices and noise as possible.

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