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Fireworks sound effect material collection FIREWORKS SFX


-Japanese Hanabi-

Fireworks sound effect material collection

Create your own fireworks ambience by combining single and continuous sounds of fireworks, bursting sounds, whistle sounds, and other materials that add color to fireworks.

Price: 7,678 yen (tax included)



All 42 files

■ Features


  • Capable of representing Japanese fireworks displays with sound

  • Focus only on the sound of fireworks, eliminating human voices and noise as much as possible.

  • Create your own fireworks atmosphere by combining single shots, continuous sounds, whistle sounds, etc.

  • Works as an environmental sound to create a summer atmosphere

  • Metadata embedded by Soundminer

  • Number of files: 42 files in total

  • 96kHz32bit & 48kHz24bit Wav format

Fireworks sounds are recorded by material. Ideal as a material to produce Japanese summer.


This is a collection of sound effect materials that includes material recorded with a microphone at a fireworks display in Japan and material that simulates the sound of fireworks. The microphone-recorded materials focus only on the sound of fireworks, removing human voices and noise as much as possible. Also, the material was recorded separately for single explosions, continuous launches, whistle sounds, etc., so you can create your own fireworks displays with your own timing and combinations. This is an ideal collection of sound effects for creators seeking environmental sounds that express the Japanese summer.

Pre-set loop points allow free scale adjustment

To reproduce a fireworks display that shoots off a series of fireworks, we have also included looping material with loop points set. You can use a sampler to loop the sound for as long as you want. 30 seconds, 10 minutes, or however long you want to make the fireworks sound.

The loop of the continuous launch sound is also recorded in different strengths, so it can be used in different ways depending on the scene.


▼ Recommended for creators who have such troubles!

  • I want to express Japanese summer with environmental sounds!

  • I am having trouble setting loop points when creating environmental sounds!

  • I want to control the sound of fireworks with my own unique timing!

  • I want clear fireworks sound without noise!

  • I want the sound of Japanese fireworks, not overseas!

  • I want to express the continuous sound of fireworks at my own desired length! (Please use the loop specification file with sampler)

▼ Supports search by META DATA


FIREWORKS SFX has metadata embedded in each file by SoundMiner (SoundMiner's sound source management software), allowing easy word-by-word searching with sound source management software. Japanese metadata is also embedded in the files, allowing searches in Japanese.

▼ FIREWORKS SFX tutorial video

Case Study Using PAD

This is a movie of playing the fireworks materials recorded in FIREWORKS SFX with pads. since FIREWORKS SFFX contains separate explosion, burst, and whistle sounds, you can create your own original fireworks ambience by playing each material separately. In this example, orange is single sound, green is continuous and bursting sound, blue is looping sound, and red is whistle sound.

The whistle sound is set to sound randomly with the red pad in the upper right corner, and the single and continuous sounds of the fireworks are played while the loop material is played in the middle. In this way, the pad can easily be used to create the atmosphere of a fireworks display, which is recommended.

Contents recorded

Product name

FIREWORKS SFX -Japanese Hanabi-

48kHz24bit & 96kHz32bit

file format

Number of recorded files

wave format / 42 files

Click here for a complete list of the above sounds

Total capacity

48kHz24bit 96MB  96kHz32bit 150MB

Download sale

Sales format

\ 7,678 (tax included)


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