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Wave sound effect material collection

Includes waves with various expressions such as quiet waves, gentle waves, and raging rough waves.



▼ Sound of waves is recorded according to strength. Ideal for applications that match the scene


This is a collection of original wave sound effect material recorded with a microphone locally targeting the seas and lakes of Japan. Only files carefully selected from the recorded materials are recorded, noise has been removed, and you can use it immediately in your work. In addition, we have recorded expressive wave sounds such as gentle waves, rushing waves, and rough waves, so you can produce wave sounds according to the scene you want to use. This is a collection of sound effect materials that are ideal for creators who want realistic environmental sounds of the sea and lakes.



▼ By setting the loop point, you can freely adjust the scale.


Not only the material that was just recorded, but also the material of the loop specification with the loop point set was recorded for each wave sound. This makes it possible to loop the wave sound for the desired length by using a sampler or the like. Let's produce a wave sound with your favorite scale for 30 seconds or 10 minutes.


In addition, in order to meet the request of "I want to make the wave sound only once!", We have also recorded the material that trimmed only one wave sound.



▼ Recommended for creators who have such troubles!


  • I want to express the sound of waves with various expressions!
  • Setting the loop point is troublesome and troublesome when making the environmental sound of the sea!
  • I want to express only one wave!
  • I want a clear wave sound without noise!
  • I want the sound of the sea and lakes in Japan!
  • I want to express the sound of waves with my favorite length! (Please use the loop specification file with the sampler)



▼ Supports search by META DATA


WAVE SFX embeds metadata in each file by SoundMiner (SoundMiner's sound source management software), and you can easily search word by word with sound source management software. In addition, Japanese metadata is also embedded, so you can search in Japanese.


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