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VINTAGE ROBOT SFX / SOUND MODEL KIT SERIES vol.5 / 96kHz 32bit version



80's Robot A tribute to the sound effects of anime-like vintage robots.



▼ Specializing in vintage sounds homage to 80's and 90's robot anime.


Specializing in the characteristic robot sound effects often heard in robot animations of the 80's and 90's. A wealth of robot sound effects that homage the sounds of those days have been recorded. For the parts material for assembling,


  • Air (air compression / vernier)
  • Cockpit (cockpit instruments / switches)
  • Combine
  • Crash (destruction / explosion)
  • Energy (energy / mechanical drive)
  • Flash (flash / light / robot eye)
  • Move (movement, footsteps, stand up)
  • Weapon (weapon, sword, beam, punch, machine gun)


Recorded in categories such as. By combining the materials of each category, it is possible to build a creator's original robot sound.



▼ Customize robot sound effects.


Customize your robot sound effects with 196 files of main parts material and 29 files of optional parts. For the customization method, refer to the sound recipe (assembly manual) recorded in PDF format.(The manual is in Japanese only and has not been translated into English.)


The sound recipe is


  • Assemble a heavy robot footstep material
  • Make a jump sound while adjusting the vernier scale
  • Make a sound of robot start preparation
  • Send liquid energy to an artificial robot
  • Representing the activation of a robot
  • Express the impact sound of the scene
  • Homage vintage beam flash sound
  • Make a sustaining sword slash sound
  • Create a sustaining punch smash sound
  • Make a fully automatic machine gun sound


As mentioned above, the explanation is recorded in 10 items.


In addition, the finished product (52 files) pre-assembled based on the sound recipe is also recorded in the SOUND MODEL FILES folder. Use this if you don't need to customize and want to use robot sound effects immediately.



▼ The creator himself "assembles sound effects"


SOUND MODEL KIT SERIES is an assembly-type sound effect material collection with features that are different from other sound effect material collections, created for the purpose of "creating sound effects by the creators themselves".


Creators are needed by recording the "parts materials" and "assembly instructions" necessary to create one sound effect, instead of the conventional sound effect material collection that only records the completed sound effects. It is possible to make "adjustments" such as extracting or adding only the elements.


VINTAGE ROBOT SFX is a collection of sound effect materials for assembling vintage robot sound effects.




▼ Recommended for creators who have such troubles!


  • I want to express the vintage robot sounds of 80's and 90's anime!
  • I'm having trouble finding the retro robot operation sound!
  • I want to express not only operating sounds but also unique destructive sounds and shot sounds!
  • It is ideal not only for anime works, but also for robot games with a strong sense of deformation.
  • I want variations such as various movements of robot operation sounds, lengths, and types of scales!



▼ Supports search by META DATA


VINTAGE ROBOT SFX embeds metadata in each file by SoundMiner (SoundMiner's sound source management software), and you can easily search word by word with sound source management software. In addition, Japanese metadata is also embedded, so you can search in Japanese.

VINTAGE ROBOT SFX / SOUND MODEL KIT SERIES vol.5 / 96kHz 32bit version

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