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TITLE IMPACT FX Movie trailer style sound effect material collection

TITLE IMPACT FX movie trailer sound effect material collection


For all video creators who want impact in their promotional videos.



▼ Give a strong "impact" to the telop and enhance the message.


The feature of the movie preview is that it expresses the speed by interweaving the work image and the image of the telop only. At this time, it is very effective to use a heavy sound effect to match the telop image. becauseHeavy sound effects can instantly convey information such as "sense of scale", "strength", "warning", and "reminder".It's from TITLE IMAPCT FX captures these characteristics of movie trailers, making it possible to give audiences a strong impact even with "images that display only text".



▼ Even if you don't have a video image, just combine it with a telop (text) or logo for a great effect.


TITLE IMPACT FX is suitable for conveying momentary information, so it is suitable not only for text-only images, but also for sound logos.Even if there is no elaborate video expression, it is possible to easily enhance the messageTITLE IMPACT FXThe biggest feature ofis.


Recently, promotions using videos have become mainstream, so it is also ideal when you need to create an impactful effect along with videos explaining your company's products or interesting content videos.



▼ Use three types of fade, moving sound, and impact sound.


In addition to a wealth of impact sounds such as explosions, flames, and thunder, "fade material" that increases tension while slowly fading, and "moving sound" that makes letters flow quickly left and right are also included. Let's use 3 types of files from all 67 files and produce them to your liking.



▼ Recommended for creators who have such troubles!


  • When advertising your own game using promotional videos,I want to appeal with dynamic sound effects!

  • When announcing the content of a circle event with a video,I want to direct with Hollywood-like sound effects!

  • For promotional video telop of own productsI want to put on a heavy sound effect and make it powerful!

  • In order to create an entertainment atmosphere for the wedding profile video,I want a sound effect that gives a magnificent impression!

  • Because my own videos are indifferent and easy to get bored,I want to keep the audience from getting bored by inserting stimulating sound effects in between!

  • in movie trailerI want to express high quality and seriousness with heavy sound effects!


In addition, depending on how you use it, you can use it for a wide range of purposes such as special move cut-ins in games, sound logos, and serious movie scenes.

TITLE IMPACT FX Movie trailer style sound effect material collection

  • More than 60 recorded files!

  • Simply combine it with letters to create a Hollywood-style movie trailer atmosphere!

  • It is roughly divided into three types: fade, impact, and moving sound.

  • Abundant impact sounds such as "explosion", "flame", "metallic" and "thunder"!

  • Ideal for sound effect materials attached to movie trailer characters!

  • When you want to strengthen the impact and message!

  • Recording format: Recorded in two formats, 96kHz 32bit and 48kHz 16bit wav

  • Copyright royalty free

  • Commercially available (copying, distribution, material sales are prohibited)

  • All are original products by OGAWA SOUND, so please use with confidence.

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