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SMASH SFX Strike sound effect material collection SOUND MODEL KIT SERIES vol.1



Seeking a hitting sound full of "exhilaration"

To creators.

▼ Add overwhelming "exhilaration" to your fighting game

The hitting sound is a sound effect that tells the player that an attack has hit when an attack hits. The most important sound effect in fighting games and action games is this "striking sound".

The striking sound is "directly linked to exhilaration" and gives the player a pleasant sensation. No matter how good the graphics and character motion are, if the striking sound isn't working well, the exhilaration will be halved.

Have you ever felt such a problem?

  • "It doesn't feel good for some reason even if I decide on a continuous technique or combo ..."

  • "For some reason, the sound is lighter than the hit effects and character graphics ..."

  • "I bought a collection of Hollywood sound effects and incorporated the hitting sound, but for some reason it didn't come out powerful ..."

These are typical examples where the striking sound is not working. The striking sound required for a game is neither the sound of hitting a punching bag with a fist nor the sound of hitting a cardboard box. How can you create a feeling of exhilaration? A "fictitious sound" created with this in mind is required .

The hitting sound effect material collection "SMASH SFX" is a collection of sound effect materials specializing in hitting sounds, created by making use of the experience of working as a sound designer for a fighting game company.

▼ "Customize" the hitting sound.

Customize your striking sound with 71 files of main parts material and 41 files of optional parts.

For the customization method, refer to the sound recipe (assembly manual) written in PDF format. For example, if you want to add a bloody element to the hitting sound,

  • Normal attack

  • Bass reinforcement striking sound

  • Blood oozes

  • Blood flies _a

  • Blood flies _b

Use these five part files. If you don't need the expression of blood

"I don't need to express blood in my work, so let's change the batting effect by using only the normal attack and the bass reinforcement batting sound."

It is possible to use such as.

In this way, you can convert the sound effect to "close to the image" by slightly changing the combination. In addition, the finished product pre-assembled based on the sound recipe is also recorded as a sound model file. Use this if you don't need to customize and want to use the striking sound immediately.

▼ The creator himself "assembles sound effects"

SOUND MODEL KIT SERIES is an assembly-type sound effect material collection with features that are different from other sound effect material collections, created for the purpose of "creating sound effects by the creators themselves".

Creators are needed by recording the "parts materials" and "assembly instructions" necessary to create one sound effect, instead of the conventional sound effect material collection that only records the completed sound effects. It is possible to make "adjustments" such as extracting or adding only the elements.

SMASH SFX is a collection of sound effect materials for assembling striking sound effects.

▼ Recommended for creators who have such troubles!

  • The hit sound incorporated in my own fighting game is not powerful!

  • Even if I try to play my own fighting game, the sound is not refreshing and I am in trouble!

  • Make it heavy! Separate the types of hitting sounds! I want to adjust the hitting sound as I want!

  • I'm looking for a striking sound that doesn't feel like it was made with a synthesizer!

  • The user told me that the hit sound was unpleasant!

  • I want to change the hitting sound for small attacks, blow-off attacks, finishes, etc.!

SMASH SFX Strike sound effect material collection SOUND MODEL KIT SERIES vol.1

  • A collection of striking sound effect assembly materials specializing only in striking sounds

  • The concept of "exhilaration" with weight

  • Produced by experienced fighting game sound creators

  • Also includes "decorative sounds" such as "empty swinging sound", "blood bleeding", and "breaking bones"

  • A striking sound that is perfect for fighting games and action games

  • A wide range of recordings such as large and small strengths and hitting sounds with a finish impact

  • Number of files: 154 files in total

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