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MOTION SFX Human Motion Sound Effects Collection -SOUND MODEL KIT SERIES Vol.3-



Covers sound effects related to human movements.

Assemble "movement" freely.

▼ A huge amount of footstep material is recorded. Use footsteps freely with variations of over 600 files.

MOTION SFX specializes in footsteps among motion sound effects, and contains a large number of footstep materials so that a variety of footsteps can be expressed. (Over 600 files with footsteps alone)

  • sneakers

  • Leather shoes

  • Rubber boots

  • Barefoot

  • socks

  • Zori

In addition to the above "materials for each footwear", as grounding information

  • concrete

  • Iron plate

  • soil

  • tatami

  • Wood material

Recorded in such classification. In addition, there are three types of sounds: walking, dashing, and sliding on the ground. Please check the sound list for these huge footstep materials.

▼ Customize human motion sound effects.

Customize human motion sound effects with 777 file main parts material and 26 file optional parts. For the customization method, refer to the sound recipe (assembly manual) recorded in PDF format.

The sound recipe is

  • How to assemble the guard sound

  • How to assemble a jump sound

  • How to assemble the down sound

  • How to assemble the landing sound

  • How to assemble walking & dash sound

As mentioned above, 5 files are recorded. In addition, the finished product pre-assembled based on the sound recipe is also recorded as a sound model file. Use this if you don't need to customize and want to use human motion sound effects immediately.

▼ The creator himself "assembles sound effects"

SOUND MODEL KIT SERIES is an assembly-type sound effect material collection with features that are different from other sound effect material collections, created for the purpose of "creating sound effects by the creators themselves".

Creators are needed by recording the "parts materials" and "assembly instructions" necessary to create one sound effect, instead of the conventional sound effect material collection that only records the completed sound effects. It is possible to make "adjustments" such as extracting or adding only the elements.

MOTION SFX is a collection of sound effect materials for assembling human motion sound effects.

▼ Recommended for creators who have such troubles!

  • I want to change the material of the footsteps according to the contact patch and the type of shoes!

  • I want to add footsteps with various facial expressions such as walking footsteps, running sounds, and rubbing the ground!

  • I want to have all the sound effects related to movement such as the sound of people falling down, the sound of tightening, the sound of jumping, and the rubbing of clothes!

MOTION SFX Human Motion Sound Effects Collection -SOUND MODEL KIT SERIES Vol.3-

  • A collection of motion sound effect assembly materials specializing only in human motion sound effects

  • Adjustments such as "strengthen the feeling of ground contact of the jump" and "change the weight of the down" are possible.

  • Includes motion sound materials such as footsteps, down, rubbing clothes, and jumps

  • Supports regardless of genre such as fighting games and video works

  • Also includes "decorative sounds" such as "empty swing sound" and "metal sound"

  • Number of files: All 904 files

  • Guard / Jump / Down / Landing / Walking & Dash Sound recipes for each method are recorded in PDF format.

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