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LIGHTNING SFX Lightning / electric shock sound effect material collection

Lightning / electric shock sound effect material collection

For creators who want the best sound effects for lightning / electrical effects such as electric discharge, arc, lightning, electric shock, and thunder magic.

Ideal for 3D RPGs and Thunder effects in action games.

Lightning and electrical effects are used as one of the most frequent effects in the game. Typical ones

  • Thunder magic effect
  • Sci-fi gun equipment energy expression
  • Supernatural power expression of electric discharge
  • Special Move Cut-in

And so on. Since both expressions are "unrealistic", it is possible to further enhance the expressiveness by adding sound effects accordingly . LIGHTNING SFX combines live sound and synthesizer to best suit these unrealistic effects, creating a "realistic yet realistic sound effect" .

▼ Great effect on various video works that use lightning and electrical effects.

Realistic and realistic sound effects are ideal not only for 3D games but also for various video works. Let's match the optimum electric and lightning sound effect material according to the 3D effect. It can be widely used not only for science fiction video works, but also for the impact expression of promotional videos, sound logos, animations, and other scenes. For example

  • After displaying the title logo, run an electric shock with "Pissy!"

  • At the time of production that makes the character wear an electric effect

  • In the scene of the product promotion video "Here!"!

There are many situations where it can be used in various ways.

Not only the attack sound of lightning strikes, but also various variations such as "charge" and "cracking electric leakage" are recorded.

The recorded material is not only the attack sound of lightning strikes, but also

  • "Dengeki Charge"

  • "The electric cable is broken and there is a crackle leakage."

  • "Charge the electric shock and release it at once"

  • "Splashing spark sound"

It is recorded in abundant variations so that it is optimal for the necessary scenes. In addition, the main lightning strike sound is also recorded so that it can be handled according to the scale of large, medium and small. Let's freely produce an electric shock image using all 100 files of electric shock and lightning sound effect materials.

▼ Recommended for creators who have such troubles!

  • I'm looking for a powerful thunder sound effect that suits my game work!

  • I want a lightning / electric sound effect material that contains not only the attack sound of lightning but also a wide range of variations!

  • I want to further enhance the SF-like expressiveness of my own video work!

  • I want to add a thunder sound effect to the promotional video telop of our product to strengthen the impact!

  • I want a realistic and unrealistic lightning sound effect that suits 3D effects!

  • I want to appeal with dynamic sound effects when advertising using promotional videos!

In addition, it can be used for a wide range of purposes such as game special move cut-in and sound logo.

LIGHTNING SFX Lightning / electric shock sound effect material collection

  • The total number of recorded files is 100

  • A collection of special materials for creating an image of electricity and lightning

  • Ideal for science fiction / fantasy games and video works

  • Abundant variations such as "lightning strike", "discharge", "charge", and "spark"!

  • Ideal for sound effect materials that match electricity and lightning effects!

  • Recording format: Recorded in two formats, 96kHz 32bit and 48kHz 16bit wav

  • Copyright royalty free (you can use it as many times as you like)

  • Commercially available (copying, distribution, material sales are prohibited)

  • All are original products by OGAWA SOUND, so please use with confidence.

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