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FLASH SFX Light / Glitter Sound Effect Material Collection

FLASH SFX Light / Glitter Sound Effect Material Collection

For creators who want the best sound effects for light-based production, such as hero transformation, cute magical production, sharp glow, and quiet glow.

▼ The best cupine for hero production! Includes optical sound effects such as.

Transformation scenes and deciding poses are indispensable for works dealing with heroes. FLASH SFX also recorded hero flash sounds that are ideal for such scenes. Cupine! !! Typical sounds such as are effective in emphasizing the heroism .

Also, in works where magical girls play an active role, a round light sound that is curly and round is often used at the same time as producing a cute light. FLASH SFX also records cute flash sounds that suit these scenes.

Combine the recorded light sound effects to enhance the flash effect of your work.

▼ The sound of shooting stars falling down and killer! It is also effective for shining production.

It also contains the best sound effects for "shooting stars," which are often expressed in anime works. Shooting stars are killer! In addition to the shining sound, the sound effect that seems to flow down is also recorded . We have short to long lengths, so choose the sound effect material that suits your needs.

Also, Killern! As a comical expression, the sound is also ideal for the expression "the character is blown away and becomes a star"!

Includes different variations of optical sound effects such as faint light, quiet light, and robot eyes shining.

The recorded material is not only the sparkling sound, but also

  • "Quiet light"

  • "Sharp light"

  • "Robot eyes shine"

It is recorded in abundant variations so that it is optimal for the necessary scenes. Let's freely create a light image using all 64 files of light and glitter sound effect materials.

▼ Recommended for creators who have such troubles!

  • I'm looking for a light effect sound effect that suits the transformation scene of a hero!

  • I want a cute sound expression that is perfect for a magical girl character!

  • I want to emphasize the glittering image by adding a light sound effect to the promotional video telop of our product!

In addition, it can be used for a wide range of purposes such as game special move cut-in and sound logo.

FLASH SFX Light / Glitter Sound Effect Material Collection

  • The total number of recorded files is 64

  • Effective for producing a hero-type light image

  • With a cute light expression, you can also direct a magical girl character!

  • Abundant variations such as "quiet light", "quick light", "glitter", and "light magic"!

  • Recording format: Recorded in two formats, 96kHz 32bit and 48kHz 16bit wav

  • Copyright royalty free (you can use it as many times as you like)

  • Commercially available (copying, distribution, material sales are prohibited)

  • All are original products by OGAWA SOUND, so please use with confidence.

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