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FIREWORKS SFX -Japanese Hanabi- Fireworks Sound Effects Collection

FIREWORKS SFX -Japanse Hanabi-

Fireworks sound effect material collection


Create your own fireworks ambience by combining fireworks materials such as single sounds, continuous sounds, explosive sounds, and whistle sounds.



▼ The sound of fireworks is recorded by material. Ideal as a material to produce summer in Japan


This is a sound effect material collection that contains material recorded by microphones at Japanese fireworks festivals and material that simulates the sound of fireworks. The material recorded with the microphone is focused on the sound of the fireworks, eliminating as much human voices and noise as possible. In addition, single explosion sounds, continuous launch sounds, whistle sounds, etc. are separately recorded, so you can create fireworks displays with your own timing and combinations. This is the best sound effect material collection for creators who want environmental sounds that express Japanese summer.



▼The length can be freely adjusted by setting loop points


In order to reproduce the continuous firework display, we have also included loop-specific materials with loop points set. As a result, it is possible to loop the wave sound for the desired length by using a sampler or the like. Let's produce the sound of fireworks with your favorite length, whether it's 30 seconds or 10 minutes.

​In addition, continuous sound loops are recorded separately, so you can use them according to the scene.



▼ Recommended for creators who have such troubles!


  • I want to express summer in Japan with environmental sounds!

  • I'm having trouble setting loop points when creating environmental sounds!

  • I want to control the sound of fireworks with my own timing

  • I want a clear fireworks sound without noise!

  • I want the sound of Japanese fireworks, not overseas!

  • I want to express the continuous sound of fireworks with my favorite length! (Please use the loop specification file with the sampler)



▼Search by META DATA


FIREWORKS SFX embeds metadata in each file using SoundMiner (sound management software from SoundMiner), making it easy to search by word using sound management software. In addition, since Japanese metadata is embedded, it is also possible to search in Japanese.

FIREWORKS SFX -Japanese Hanabi- Fireworks Sound Effects Collection

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