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Fire sound vol.1 Fire sound effect material collection

Fire sound vol.1 Fire sound effect material collection

The best material for producing flame magic that shoots flame bullets. For creators who want a dynamic flame production.

▼ The best flame material for expressing flame bullets.

Fire sound vol.1 is a sound effect material suitable for fictitious expressions such as blowing flames and removing flames. Especially, it goes well with 3D expression games and 3DCG works. It is not suitable for expressions that fluctuate with melamella, so let's match it with a scene that shoots a bullet of flame.

▼ Includes 3 types of flame bullet expressions: light, heavy, and accumulated.

Includes 3 types: light flame bullet firing, heavy flame bullet firing, and flame charge. Let's use sound effects properly according to the action of shooting flames.

▼ Recommended for creators who have such problems!

  • I'm looking for a powerful flame bullet magic sound effect!

  • I want a sound effect with a realistic flame expression, not a deformed sound!

  • I want to apply a strong attack flame sound effect to the sound logo!

  • I want to buy high quality flame sound effects cheaply!

Fire sound vol.1 Fire sound effect material collection

  • For expressions such as burning flames and shooting flame bullets.

  • Perfect for flame magic, to RPG creators.

  • Powerful sound based on raw sound!

  • Recording format: 48kHz 16bit wav / 96kHz 32bit wav

  • Copyright royalty free

  • Commercially available (copying, distribution, material sales are prohibited)

  • All are original products by OGAWA SOUND, so please use with confidence.

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