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COMICAL ACCENT SFX Comical sound effect material collection

COMICAL ACCENT SFX Comical sound effect material collection

For all video creators who want to create "fun" and "comical" in their video content.

▼ Gives "comicalness" to the accent of the video and enhances entertainment.

Sound effects play an important role in creating a comical impression in the video scene. Even if it is a very serious image, it has the power to instantly turn it into a comical and laughable image by using music and sound effects. For example, you can get a very interesting effect by raising the serious atmosphere at once and making a silly sound when you reach the highest point. COMICAL ACCENT SFX is a collection of sound effect materials suitable for such scenes, and it is possible to emphasize various comical accents and enhance entertainment.

▼ For those involved in the entertainment industry such as video distribution and commercial production.

Video distribution using the Internet is becoming more common for both professionals and amateurs. Shooting equipment has also advanced, and it has become possible to appeal with beautiful image quality more easily. It is possible to create more entertaining content by adding sound effects in line with these advances in video.

Recently, promotion using videos has become mainstream, so "COMICAL ACCENT SFX" is ideal when you need a "comical" production to match interesting content images.

▼ Various comical production sounds such as fun, laughter, surprise, and the passage of time are recorded.

Includes comical sounds from a wide range of materials such as cheers, bird voices, musical instrument sounds, gold objects, toys, and more. You can use interesting sound effects that suit your purpose. There are 190 files in total, and variations are available for almost all sound effects.

▼ Recommended for creators who have such troubles!

  • I want to entertain the viewer by adding comical sound effects to the videos I deliver!

  • It is troublesome to arrange the sounds one by one, so I want a collection of sound effect materials that contains a wide range of interesting sound effects!

COMICAL ACCENT SFX Comical sound effect material collection

  • The number of recorded files is 190 files!

  • Produce a comical accent to the video!

  • Includes various sounds that make you feel interesting.

  • Variations are available for almost all sound effects!

  • Ideal for video distribution and video production!

  • When you want to enhance your entertainment!

  • Recording format: Recorded in two formats, 96kHz 32bit and 48kHz 16bit wav

  • Copyright royalty free

  • Commercially available (copying, distribution, material sales are prohibited)

  • All are original products by OGAWA SOUND, so please use with confidence.

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