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CICADA SFX -Cicada- Cicada bark material collection

CICADA SFX -Cicada- Cicada bark material collection

Includes 5 types of cicada calls that are reminiscent of summer in Japan. For creators who want to emphasize the sense of the season.

▼ A large number of songs of brown cicada, bear cicada, hyalessa maculaticus, tanna japonensis, and meimuna opalifera are recorded.

We recorded brown cicada, bear cicada, hyalessa maculaticus, tanna japonensis, meimuna opalifera, and typical cicada calls that can be heard in the summer of Japan. It captures the cry of each cicada and records the differences depending on the perspective. In addition, we have prepared a long file that keeps playing as a background sound and a cry that each cicada mixes. You can use it according to the purpose of the creator.

▼ By using different sounds of cicadas, you can create a "seasonal feeling" and a "time zone" of the day.

Each cicada has the characteristic of prominently crying at different times and times so that it can hear its own cry more. For example, Tanna japonensis, as the name implies, often crows in the "evening", and Kumazemi crows from morning to daytime. Hyalessa maculaticus is often used as a summer sound effect, reminiscent of a cool, natural countryside. By taking advantage of these characteristics, it is possible to create a "seasonal feeling" and "time zone" in the work by properly using the cicada's bark .

▼ A clean semi-squeal is recorded by thorough noise processing and recording location.

All the sounds of cicadas recorded in parks, mountains, residential areas, etc. have been thoroughly noise-processed. In addition to processing unnecessary bands with EQ, it also cuts microphone handling noise, mixed human voices, and car running noise . Only the clean cicada bark is left, so you can use it as a background sound with confidence.

▼ Recommended for creators who have such troubles!

  • I want a clean cicada bark that is noisy and has no noise even though I recorded it myself!

  • I want a sound effect material collection that contains not only one cicada's bark but also many types of cicadas!

  • I want to create an image of "seasonal" and "summer" in my work!

  • I want a variation for one cicada's bark!

CICADA SFX -Cicada- Cicada bark material collection

  • The number of recorded files is 43 !

  • Produce a "seasonal feeling" and an image of summer in your work!

  • Includes 5 typical types of cicada barks .

  • Variations are available for all the sounds of each cicada!

  • Clean cry by thorough noise processing.

  • Recording format: 48kHz 16bit wav

  • Copyright royalty free

  • Commercially available (copying, distribution, material sales are prohibited)

  • All are original products by OGAWA SOUND, so please use with confidence.

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